Monday 2 March 2020

HAHA SAGA Escalation League - 2

<--  Part 1 is here, if you wish to start at the beginning


So, this is Part 2 of our games club's SAGA Escalation League.  A group of us from HAHA (Helensburgh Alternative Hobby Association) are collecting new SAGA armies to a monthly timetable.  February's challenge was to expand the warlord and 1 point that we had produced in January by bringing a second point of troops.  Heady stuff!

6 of us met on the club's regular Thursday evening.  This was somewhat awkward, since I had planned (without thinking about it very hard) that in session 2 we would fight 2 vs 2 battles.  Of course, that only works if you have 4 or 8 players, or indeed any other multiple of four.

Instead, we decided to play 3 vs 3, with each side having 3 warlords and their respective 2-point entourages.  This makes for a fairly quick battle, so we managed to fit in 2 such games over the course of the evening.

Game 1

In the first game, both sides looked fairly evenly distributed across their base lines.

However, the Crusaders made a beeline for the Saxons...

...whilst the Jomsvikings and Skraelings defended the rest of the table against an aggressive, but somewhat disjointed attack from the combined Norman and Byzantine horsemen.

The isolated Saxons and Crusaders fought each other to an exhausted stalemate.  Much blood was spilt, but neither of these warlords could finish off his opponent before the end of the game.
Result: a significant (but not crushing) victory for the combined Jomsvikings, Skraelings and Saxons.

Game 2

We randomised the sides again and reset for another game.

This time, the Byzantines and the Saxons left their erstwhile allies and traded places.  Both sides tried to implement some form of strategy - but with too many commanders around, such ideas were short lived!

Instead, the Normans and the Jomsvikings knocked lumps out of each other whilst the Saxons hovered about in the centre, looking menacing but not doing much else.  The Normans had the better of it; their archers shot down the Jomsviking leader in exchange for a few peasants, whilst both sides lost some hearthguard.

Elsewhere, the Crusaders charged forwards at breakneck speed.  Initially this took the allies by surprise, but over time the Byzantines and the Skraelings surrounded their attackers and ground them down.  Eventually, only the Crusader leader was left, surrounded by a ring of his enemies.  He was slain by the Skraeling warlord in the last turn, though not before he had done a lot of damage (question: just how do you scalp someone who is wearing chainmail and a helmet?!)

Result: a narrow victory for the Normans, Saxons and Crusaders.


The sharp-eyed reader will have noticed that the Saxons were on the winning side in both games and therefore score 3 league points.  Equally, the Byzantines were on the losing side twice and only score 1 league point.  Everyone else who was present comes in second place with one win and one loss: 2 league points.

Standings are therefore as follows:
Starter for ten
Powers of two
Long live the peasants!
Bonus round
Anglo Saxons336
Anglo Danes3(absent)3

For March's challenge, each warband must add a 3rd point to its strength - but these must not be hearthguard.  An additional 8 warriors or 12 levy will almost double the size of many of these warbands!


  1. What a great way to build an army and pick up the rules!

    1. That's the idea, Michael :-) ! It's a nice, gentle introduction for the newcomers and a chance to build up an extra force for the old hands. Plus, there may be prizes...

  2. The three-a-side variant seemed to work very well, all participants must have felt they had a good chance to win too, in either or both games.

    1. Thanks, Joe. Win or lose, I think everyone involved enjoyed the games.

  3. It looks like time for an epic dogpile onto the Saxons.

    1. That could happen - though I think it's early enough to be worried about "unbeatable" leads...

  4. Hi Curtis! I've realised It's been some time since I read your blog and came to see what I had been missing. Seems this strange year has gotten into this blog too! Hope everything is ok and you resume posting soon, I really enjoyed reading your posts.

    1. Well, thanks. But I'm Hugh, not Curtis :-) .

      There will be some new posts soon, I promise. As you say, it's been a strange year...

    2. Oops, sorry then, Hugh! I'm happy you are faring well despite the weird times.