Wednesday 14 July 2021

All My Zombies


"All My Zombies" - it sounds like the title of a not-so-good sitcom, doesn't it?  No, I haven't entered the business of television script writing.  Rather, there is a completely different reason for this post.

A few weeks ago, someone asked on TMP (The Miniatures Page) "How many zombie models does anyone have?"  Glibly, I answered that I hadn't counted but that my collection must be at least several hundred.  Well, I was feeling a bit guilty about this lack of accuracy and so I decided to conduct an inventory to find the correct answer.  It turns out that I don't have as many as I thought - but it depends!

What Counts as a Zombie Model?

It might sound like a silly question at first, but I need an accurate definition of what constitutes a zombie model.  In many cases it is very obvious, I think - but before you start laughing at the question please consider these cases:
  • For a multi-base, do we count each individual figure or do we just score one for the entire piece?
  • What about ambiguous figures which might be zombies - or which might be humans pretending to be zombies?  Or indeed zombies pretending to be humans?  Do they count as survivors or as zombies?
  • Should we count figures which are lying down?  They might be truly dead - or they might  be zombies lying low and waiting to surprise some unwary survivor.
  • OK, if we're talking about my entire collection then what about medieval zombies based for mass battle games such as Hordes of the Things, or for fantasy skirmish games such as Frostgrave?
  • Do unpainted models count?  [I'd say a firm no to that!]

The Count

In this picture, I've arranged all my modern, zombie-apocalypse-style models in groups of ten, with a few "character" zombies and mini-dioramas at the front.  Here's how I count it:

  • 16 blocks of 10 = 160 zombies
  • 5 "left over" zombies (at the back) = 5 zombies
  • 6 "character" zombies (near the front.  One of these might be a human in disguise and another might be a voodoo spirit, but they'll still count for now) = 6 zombies
  • 1 diorama base of 6 dancing zombies (front, centre) = 6 zombies
  • 1 diorama base of an "oil drum" zombie = 1 zombie
  • 1 diorama base of a pile of corpses = 0 zombies (let's assume they really are dead)

If I've done my sums right, this gives a grand total of 178 zombies.  Note that this is not quite "several hundred", as I had initially claimed.  If I include my fantasy zombies as well then this must add another 20 or 30 at the very least (there I go again, making assumptions without actually checking!) - still not enough for "several hundred".


Well, the only possible conclusion is that I should check the facts before making vague claims.  This has caught me by surprise as I could have sworn that I had the numbers I had said.  Oh,well, I guess I was wrong.

So, let's sign off with another picture of the horde, this time from a different angle.  It may not include "hundreds" of figures but they still look scary to me!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Simon. They're not all great models, but I'd like to think that they're painted better than average.

  2. That's some collectio C6, it's a bit jarring to see them as if they're in units though.
    I hate to think how many I;ve goy - somewhere in the region of 400+ iirc.

    1. Hmm, the grouping was purely for ease of counting and not to suggest that these zombies are organised.

      Mind you, I'm now having visions of a May Day parade of zombies. Probably shuffling past the reviewing stand, rather then goose-stepping!

  3. Great collection...and you may have missed the opportunity to split hairs. If I hit a zombie which falls down (assumed to be reslain), but then rises, does that count as a new zombie for the purposes of counting? At the end of it all, I think I am safe to assume, one can never have enough zombies....

    1. Hmm, do you think my definitions were too fussy, then? Or not fussy enough :-) . Either way, thanks for your support!

  4. Whoa ... seriously cool collection.

    1. Thanks. It's not as big a collection as I had thought.

      Maybe I should do something similar for survivors too and see how many of *them* I have?

  5. That's got me thinking.

    I have around 40 Fantasy zombies (although some of those are just hands bursting out of the ground), a similar number of 7TV zombies and perhaps 35 Walking Dead zombies. Give or take a few oddments (Solomon Grundy, Guildhall Morticians proxies, etc.) I've probably got about 120 zombies.

    Your post has convinced me that I need more...

    1. More zombies required? You didn't seem to need much convincing, Kieron! But yes, more is probably a good thing :-) .

  6. Replies
    1. Well, not quite *'undreds*, but still a goodly few.