Wednesday 2 May 2018

Recently Finished...


I know how much my readers like eye candy, so here's a selection of models that I've completed fairly recently.  There's nothing particularly common to them, other than they're all 28mm figures.


First up is Uguah, the fictional witch doctor who comes with the "Mungo Mah Lobeh" expansion book for "Congo".  He's a seemingly cruel old man but a powerful sorcerer; he provides the main opposition for Mary Kingsley, the explorer upon whose exploits the campaign is based.

Despite his near-naked state, the model is covered with details.  I just wish that they were more visible, as his hunched pose hides much of the work, including the grotesque face that he is pulling!

Next up is a fairly generic lion, also from North Star.  I can never seem to find my existing lion miniature when I need him, so having an extra should help.

Finally (in this section), I have some dugout canoes.  These, like so many of my models, were undercoated many moons ago but only completed recently.  I've added some scratch-built paddles and some baskets (one empty, one containing fish) as I felt the canoes were a bit bare without this.


Here are two more star players for my Dreadball teams:
  • The Excavator is a ForgeFather or Brokkr mining robot.  Apparently there's nothing in the rules that says they cannot bring it on to the pitch!
  • A'Teo Adysi is an Yndij: a primitive species of hunter from some remote planet.  It seems that his strength and lightning reflexes make him a very good player.


In our first game of Paleo Diet, all of the hunters were armed with spears.  That's all very well, but perhaps a bit dull.  To fix this, I bought some Lucid Eye Neanderthals to add to the tribe.  Mind you, they're from a different manufacturer and are painted in a different style from my existing Neanderthals so I don't yet know if they'll fit in very well.

One model had a club, so that was fine.  The other two both had spears, though.  I converted one of them into a fire-wielder by cutting down the spear and adding some flame from green stuff.  He's got a flint knife as well, so he'll be all right...


I recently stumbled across a Facebook group called Void 1.1 Nexus (not sure if membership is required to see anything much), which is full of enthusiasts for this old game.  They're running a painting competition just now to encourage people to complete old (or new) figures that may be lying around.

Well, I have a very large number of Void 1.1 miniatures lying around, mostly still in packets.  I thought I'd get some out and paint them, without necessarily entering the competition.  Here is the first batch to be finished (and yes, I was persuaded to enter them in the competition after all):

Viridian chain gun on a ground mount

Viridian Commando squad


Well, it's another fairly mixed collection of painted figures; I hope you like them!  Not much more to be said, really...


  1. Bravo sir.
    I really like Lucid Eye figures and yet find them very hard to paint the way I want. Yours though are a triumph. Also very good to see Congo getting it's legs stretched with more African goodness.

    1. Hmm, I hadn't really thought that the Lucid Eye miniatures were different to paint from any other models. Is there something particular about them that gives you trouble?

  2. "Eye candy" indeed - and a right eclectic mixture to boot :-)

    1. Well, there's not really much point to this collection [as a *collection*] other than to be looked at :-) . They're all from very different settings & periods.

  3. What a fabulous post, with so much to like. Uguah is a favourite, not least because he is in my painting queue and so will need to pop back here for reference when I start him.

    1. I've seen other versions of that witch doctor figure and the main difference is that the snake he is holding in my model is pale green, rather than red-white-black banded. My very cursory Google research suggests that most of the poisonous snakes in Africa are green; the other forms are perhaps more from the Caribbean or central America?

  4. It must be gratifying to get so much done (I know it's the bit I like getting figures finished).
    The witch-doctor/shaman guy is a great figure, very dynamic and a wonderfuk scukpt - very jealous of him. I do love the Lucid Eeye figures, but their range is very limited, as if they've stopped it half-way through imo.
    Your canoes/dugouts are also a reminder to me that I need to make more some for my explorers too - what size are your ones and where did they come from ?
    I well rememebr the Void range and game (and carefully avoided it) and never got into Dreadball, having fallen for Bloodball, way back when, but they're all godd additions to your games.

    1. Thanks, Joe. I think that the Lucid Eye figures are intended to provide warbands of 6-10 figures only; within those numbers there's enough variety.

      The dugout canoes come from FrontLine Wargaming ( and have the code 25CL2. They're quite basic, but also quite cheap! I don't have mine to hand right now, but the catalogue lists them as 150mm long; I'd say that seems to be about what I remember.

      Nothing wrong with BloodBowl, according to what I've heard! Personally I find the idea of setting a sports tournament in a fantasy world somewhat implausible, but maybe that's missing the point...

      I've never actually played VOID with my miniatures, but they're occasionally useful for other purposes :-) .