Sunday 27 October 2019

Zomtober 2019, Week 4

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I'm full of cold and not feeling very good today, so if there's anything in this post that is rambling or incoherent then it's because I'm very tired and have a bad headache.

So, it's week 4 of Zomtober 2019; the final part of the event (whew!).  As always, I'm going to show a zombie miniature and a survivor, presented as a "duel".  This time there's a slight twist: the survivor comes in two variants and it will be your job to determine which one is more likely.  Read on...

Mick/Mickey vs Stripper Zombie

Here we have a young man facing off against a zombie stripper.

On the left is one version of this week's human.  He's well armed with a machete & club and is wearing a facemask and padded jacket which should give at least some protection against zombie bites.  This is clearly how Mick wishes to see himself: capable and in control of the situation.

On the right the other version of our "hero".  He's the same guy, really - but instead of weapons he is waving a bottle of beer.  I suspect that this isn't the first drink he's had recently either.  Perhaps "Mickey" is a more likely representation of this person?

From another angle, it's fairly obvious that the zombie stripper is charging at the human.  Mick looks as if he's prepared to fight, though Mickey seems to be swaying a bit as if drunk.  Or is that just my imagination?

The "Mick" and "Mickey" models are from Offensive Miniatures.  I had thought that all of the figures in their packs were quite unique; it was quite a surprise to find that these two were so similar.  Hower, rather than being put off by that, it gave me the inspiration to paint them as 2 different versions of the same person.

The stripper zombie is from Studio Miniatures, specifically from the "Zombie Characters VI" pack.

Both/all these models were relatively easy to paint.  The stripper zombie in particular is mostly just flesh; there's little in the way of clothing or equipment that needs detailing!

The bases are press moulded in green stuff from a Basius II pad.  For Mick/Mickey, I was careful to try to use exactly the same area of the pad, so as to create the same result.

As an extra, the poster under Mick/Mickey's feet is an advert for some low-budget zombie film, printed on paper and then stuck to the base.  It's just about possible to read the film title when I have the models in front of me, though I don't think any of the photos are clear enough for it to be understood.

Last shot; the detail on Mickeys's bottle can be seen more clearly here.


So who will win - the zombie or the human?  I think it hinges very much on who the person is: Mick the survivor or Mickey the civilian?  If he's feeling like "Mick" today then a blow from the machete will fell the zombie.  But if our lad is really "Mickey" then I think he's in big trouble.

As always, your thoughts are much appreciated...

Sunday 20 October 2019

Zomtober 2019, Week 3

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It's now the third week of Zomtober 2019 and (as always) I'll be presenting a "duel" between a survivor and a zombie.  This time there will be a slight twist, however: I'll give alternate versions of the encounter and let you decide which is more likely!

Lou vs. Old Woman Zombie (OWZ), Version 1

Lou was an exterminator by profession.  His usual work was pest control: trapping, poisoning or shooting rodents, pigeons, seagulls and the like.

His last job had been for the council, at the local community centre.  After disposing of a nasty wasps nest, he had gone to take a shower in the attached fitness centre.  On leaving this, he discovered that some hoodlum had taken all his clothes.  All he could find to wear was his black vest and a discarded costume from a recent children's ballet class.

The centre seemed strangely deserted; Lou made his way out to his van without spotting another person.  As he opened the vehicle up, he saw an old woman in a nightdress and gown approaching him, moaning and dribbling.  Was the whole world going crazy?  What else could go wrong today?

Quickly, he retrieved his shotgun from the back of the van and turned to face the crone.

Lou vs. Old Woman Zombie (OWZ), Version 2

Lou was a bitter, twisted and sadistic little psychopath.  On hearing over the radio that law and order was breaking down, he decided that he was going to get even with his hated landlady, Mrs Doyle.

Since there was no-one to tell him what to do any more, he thought he'd dress for the occasion.  He had a pink tutu that he'd been saving for a special occasion after taking it from a little girl years before.

The costume didn't seem as pleasant as he had thought it would; the tights were far too small and the colour seemed to have faded during the years he had kept it under his musty bed.  Still, the decision was made and he wasn't going to go back on it now.

As he stepped into the street, he saw Mrs Doyle approaching.  She looked even more grey and shuffling than usual, but there was no pity in Lou's heart as he prepared himself to shoot her.  This was going to be the highlight of his year...


Well, which is it?  Is Lou an innocent workman caught up in an unlikely sequence of events, or is he just plain nuts?  Will he kill OWZ, or will he hesitate and be eaten by the zombie?  Does anyone even care what happens to him?

The zombie model comes from Studio Miniatures (specifically, she's part of Zombie Mob 2), whilst Lou is from Hasslefree (in the Legends of Golgo range).

I'm quite happy with the painting of OWZ, but there's something about Lou that just isn't right to my eyes.  Both models, as well as much of my other recent output, have a bit of "milkiness" causes by my current varnish.  I'm not at all happy about that and will need to obtain a replacement can as soon as I am able!

Sunday 13 October 2019

Zomtober 2019, Week 2

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This year, I'm well prepared for Zomtober.  As well as having week two's entries ready for show (see below), I have week three's models almost finished and have even made a start on week four.  So, I'm feeling good about this.  I just hope that everyone else who is taking part in the event is also motivated and enthusiastic.

The Duel

Once again, I'm presenting a recently-finished survivor model facing off against a similarly-recent zombie.  This week, it's the turn of Luke to duel with Hare Krishna Zombie ("HKZ" hereafter, for brevity).

Luke was a kindly, well-meaning man, though even his best friend wouldn't describe him as "wise".  His life was straightforward; he had a regular job that paid the bills, though it wasn't very exciting.  He lived for his weekends when he could indulge his passion for rock and roll, especially from the early years.  His Gibson J200 guitar was a prized possession; Luke could play well for an amateur, though even he would admit that he was nowhere near as good as his idols.

However, now the apocalypse was in full swing and all the old certainties had vanished.  Luke had ventured onto the street to seek company and was immediately faced with a moaning, swaying Hare Krishna - clearly one of the "infected".

What was Luke to do?  He was armed and technically could shoot the zombie down at any time.  But Luke wasn't sure if this would be right.  After all, this was a holy man - would killing the zombie be a sin that would damn him forever?

Also, by the look of it the Hare Krishna was a fellow musician; he had a tambourine by his side.  Luke wasn't totally sure whether a tambourine counted as a musical instrument, but could he take the chance?  Destroying one of his fellow music lovers would be a terrible thing.  Ah, what to do...?

The zombie model is from Studio Miniatures (one of their "character" zombies, if I remember correctly).  Luke comes from Hasslefree, of course.  Bases are green stuff, backed by a 25mm steel washer and then press-moulded on a Basius II pad.


So, what should Luke do?  If he were your everyday, run-of-the-mill street thug then I imagine that he'd raise his revolver and blow the zombie away without a second thought.  But not everyone is like that.

Perhaps there is a cure for the zombie plague and HKZ can be saved?  Perhaps Luke can run away (though he wouldn't want to drop or bash his precious guitar in the process)?  Maybe he will decide that it's OK (and necessary) to shoot the zombie?  Or maybe he'll just stand there dithering and HKZ will rip his throat out?

As always, what are your thoughts on this confrontation?

Sunday 6 October 2019

Zomtober 2019, Week 1


It's Zomtober again!  This is quite a lot of work for me, but I do still enjoy the event all the same.

For any new readers, here's the deal: a loose group of hobbyists agree that each will produce at least one zombie-related model each week during October.  More information including the rules (such as they are) can be found >> here <<.  It's a way of encouraging each other to be more productive...

This is the 7th year that I've been part of Zomtober (wow, really?).  Rather than just produce one model each week, I decided right from the outset to paint both a survivor and a zombie and then pose them as a "duel".  This leads to the interesting question: "what happens next?".  Sometimes it's obvious, but on other occasions there is much discussion without commentators reaching any general agreement...

Previous Zomtobers

Just in case anyone is interested in old stuff, here's a catalogue of previous years (or at least, Week 1 from each year.  Weeks 2, 3, 4... can be reached by following the links from each year's start entry):

Ryan vs the Cheer Squad

 This year, my first Zomtober entry has not just 1 figure or even 2 figures, but 4 models in a "duel".

Ryan was a fairly average high school dropout.  He liked to dress all in black and would blame the rest of the world (especially kids of his age group) for his own inadequacies.  Never once in a million years did he think that one of the good-looking, popular girls would so much as notice him, at least not without an expression of disgust or mild amusement.

And yet, here were 3 of the cheer squad (the most athletic, well-groomed girls in school) approaching him!  Knowing his luck, this was probably not as good as it seemed.

Ryan may have rejected formal education, but he wasn't stupid.  He knew that the zombie plague was rampant and that society was falling apart.  That was why he had his home-made crossbow with him - just in case he met anyone hostile.  The weapon was small, lovingly built (machine shop was the only class in school that Ryan enjoyed) and probably deadly, though he had never actually shot anyone with it - yet.

There was just one problem.  Ryan had spent so much time and effort on the weapon itself that he hadn't made much ammunition.  He had just a single bolt - and there were 3 zombies approaching.  He hadn't even considered the need for a knife or other backup weapon.  Maybe he wasn't quite as smart as he had thought...

I thought that the cheerleader zombies came from Bombshell Miniatures, but I cannot see them on that site.  Maybe I'm remembering this incorrectly?

Whatever their provenance, I extended their costumes a bit with green stuff, as the models were showing too much lower boob for my taste.  It didn't look at all plausible to me (though arguably, anything with "zombie" in the title is somewhat implausible right away...).  They still have bare midriffs, which is quite enough and a bit more "realistic".

Ryan is one of the street kids from Offensive Miniatures.  The bases are all green-stuff press moulds generated from a Basius II pad.


So, what happens next?  Ryan has one shot only; even if he manages to fell a zombie with that then there will still be 2 cheerleaders left to attack him.

He could take to his heels and run - if so then let's hope that these are the slow-moving, groaning type of zombies.  Otherwise, it'll be a close run thing between 3 athletic ex-girls and one not-particularly-fit young man.

Perhaps the cheerleaders are still trying to perform a routine and can be distracted or avoided?  After all, their continued grip on their pompoms suggests that they haven't gone totally feral.

So, what you you think?

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