Sunday 21 November 2021

HAHA SAGA Escalation League - 4


We've now reached the fourth session for our SAGA Escalation league at the HAHA games club.  This is the bonus round and here's how it was described in the original manifesto:

Each participant will bring 1 extra item, to be judged on theme and painting quality.  This could be any of the following, or indeed anything else that fits:

  • a piece of scenery (Celtic cross, Viking longboat, Dark Age house, wood, marsh…)

  • extra – but not “regular” - figures for the warband (a bard, champion, mercenary group…)

  • game accessories (objective or fatigue markers: ox carts, groups of civilians, broken shields & wounded warriors, livestock, sacks/chests of loot…)

On the night, only 3 participants were able to enter an item, though all the members of the club (including the non-SAGA gamers) were encouraged to vote.  Let's see how they did:


The Skraelings chose to bring some civilians (though this might be hard to define in a tribal society!): a couple of fishermen in a canoe.  This piece is probably best thought of as a scenic accent, though I suppose it could be used as an objective or game marker.

Anglo Saxons

The Anglo Saxons brought a hut, along with the blacksmith who lives in it.  Seems like a very useful piece of scenery to me.


For the Crusaders, a warrior priest was added to their ranks.  A minor hero is surely going to help them in their fights against all the infidels!


As you can see from the votes cast (attached to each picture), the club members liked the Anglo Saxon hut a great deal; it scored more votes than the other two entries put together!  So we award a further 3 points to them for this excellent entry, 2 points to the runner up and 1 point for all other submissions.

After that, the standings now look like this:

January 2020
Starter for ten
February 2020
Powers of two
March 2020
October 2021
Long live the peasants!
April 2020
November 2021
Bonus round
May 2020
December 2021
Anglo Saxons331310
Anglo Danes3(absent)(retired)(retired)3

So, onward!  There's only 1 one more round to go, after which all finishers should have a 4 point SAGA army and a bonus "extra" item.

On to the final round ==>

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