Wednesday 30 August 2023

Away Team Red: Romulans


Those who know me well will know that I have something of a fondness for Star Trek.  I've published a number of articles previously about my "not Trek" starships and the games of Full Thrust in which they have been used.  There are reasonably good sources of such models from a wide variety of sources.

Until recently, there has been a scarcity of figure models, suitable for use in games set on board a ship or as part of an away team on a planet's surface.  There have been some that would proxy for Federation crew, but very little for other races.

Well, not any more!  There's a range of 3D-printable designs called "Away Team Red" that I've only discovered in the last 6 months or so, even if they have been around for a bit longer than this.  Physical specimens are available from a number of suppliers on hosts such as .

The Away Team Red collection is obviously designed by someone who loves and respects Star Trek, especially the original series.  If I've understood correctly, the sculptor goes by the handle of Lost Heresy Miniatures.

The range includes several alien races (including a "not Gorn" set - something of a holy grail for me!) as well as a considerable number of "not Federation" crew and a few monsters.  Excellent!

After that long preamble, here are some Romulans!


  • Firstly, they're not "Romulans" - the designer calls them "Aquilons".  Well, well.
  • There are two variants of the 10-model Aquilon set: one with helmets and one without.  I have the bare-headed figures.
  • The 10 models in the set include an obvious leader, but many of the rest are equipped with long guns.  Ideally I would have preferred a more diverse group, with some figures using equipment (scanners, comms...) rather than brandishing weapons.  But you get what you get.
  • I've converted several of the crew in small ways, though this was not easy.  They're printed in a very hard, very brittle resin and the only way to cut this was with a razor saw.  Of necessity, my conversions have been limited to swapping the occasional hand (plus what it's holding) or shortening the weapons to make them pistols rather than rifles.
  • These models are slightly larger than 28mm - maybe 30mm?  They're close enough for me to mix and match with other manufacturers, especially for other races.

The Crew

I painted the first four figures with coloured sashes; I suppose I'm thinking of these as officers or specialists.

Tomeet is obviously the captain and I imagine that Rukan is his second-in-command (since he's got the same colour of sash, albeit a lesser form).  The other two could be science, engineering, comms, medical or any other specialties I desire.

The next pair are in the "rank and file" uniform, with standard black sashes.  However, they're carrying pistols.  Perhaps they are ensigns - does the Romulan empire have such things?

Am I alone in thinking that the 3rd model's face looks like Leonard Nimoy/Spock?

Finally, we have the goon squad, security, mooks or whatever else you wish to call them.  I'm thinking that these are the equivalent of the Federation's "red shirts" - un-named characters whose chance of surviving an episode is low.

...except that I did give them names.  Does that create a paradox and break the universe?

Finally, here is the entire bunch all together.  Romulans aren't inherently evil; they're just very secretive and have their own honour code.  That should be plenty to bring them into conflict with my other Trek-like forces!


These are excellent models!  They're on the chunky side, but that gives them a lot of strength and they should resist handling damage well.  The hard resin does make it difficult to convert them, but that's too bad.

These aren't the first "Away Team Red" models I have bought - and I don't think they'll be the last, either.


  1. Hi Colgar! If its 28mm 'Not-Trek' you're after, check out thecSpace Vixens from Mars "Rim Aliwn" range - I've got quite a few not-Gorn, not-Klingons, not-Ferengi, not-Cardassians & not-Romylans, + you can readily use the USE crew figures as not-Feds. CP Models do some 28mm not-Feds too.

    1. Thanks, Vic. I do have a few of the Rim Alien models, but unless they've expanded the range recently then there's only 1 model each for many of these races. I should go an take another look, though...

  2. If you have a 3D printer or know someone who does, then RavenX is worth checking out.

    1. Those are nice, but I don't have access to a 3D printer or know anyone who has one. I think those must be much more common in some parts of the world than in others.

  3. I continue to be astounded at how good 3d printers have become and these do prove my point. excellent figures and great paintjobs on them, especially giving several of the different coloured 'sashes'.

    1. Thanks. Yes, there's a lot of really good 3D stuff out there these days. Much of it (though not all!) is very reasonably-priced as well.