Sunday 8 October 2023

Zomtober 2023, Week 2

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It's been a while since I last did a Zomtober post - I missed the whole of 2022 as well as the first week of 2023.  But here we are again!

As before, I'm presenting the initial stage of a duel or encounter between a zombie and a survivor.  The important question is "what happens next"?  There's no "right" answer, just use your imagination (but try to stay within the bounds of possibility 😀).

Harvey vs Dead Average Zombie

This week's survivor is called "Harvey".  He's well-armed, with twin automatic pistols - though he appears to be waving these in the air as if trying to scare off the zombie rather than destroying it.  Maybe Harvey has been taken by surprise - he is twisting his body in a manner that might suggest being off balance?

I've designated this week's zombie as "Dead Average Zombie" ("DAZ" for short).  DAZ is really quite unremarkable.  He's not particularly animated or rotten, though he does seem to have lost most of his shirt somehow.

Harvey is a straight build from the old Wargames Factory "Apocalypse Survivors" kit.  I'm not completely happy with my choice of parts for him, though.  In particular, the baseball cap doesn't really go with the shirt-and-tie body.  Hmm, maybe I should have given him a cowboy hat?

DAZ is a simple build from the Studio Miniatures zombie sprue.  As such, he's not particularly animated, but would be good filler for a crowd scene.


So, what happens next?  Is Harvey merely readying his weapons to blow the zombie away?  Or is he firing into the air as an intimidation tactic (which probably wouldn't work)?  If the latter, will he realise his mistake in time to take another, more fruitful course of action?  After all, DAZ doesn't look particularly fast-moving or tricky to deal with.

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  1. Always enjoy your Zomtober duets, Colgar6, so its great to see you back at them this year. I'd like to think you've caught Harvey literally as he's pulling his guns down to fire, having raised them in the air as he's twisted around. Hopefully that makes some sense.

    1. Thanks! I was caught out and missed the first Sunday of this October, but I do intend to present articles for the rest of the month.
      I think I know what you mean; Harvey is in the middle of a sudden change of direction. Hope he's quick enough!

  2. Welcome back Colgar, I was getting lonely doing Zomtober with so few still participating. As for your entry for this week, the figures look great & I am going to go out to say that Harvey has spent his bullets & is waiting for the zombie to close so he can eject his magazines into the eyes of said Zombie....will that save him? Likely not!

    1. Thanks, Terry - and sorry for abandoning this last year.
      Really, you think that ejecting the magazines is a valid combat tactic? You're just not taking this seriously, are you :-) !

    2. maybe he had modded springs for his mags...surely something he saw in a movie...before the Apocalypse!

  3. Hi Colgar, nice to see you back and still up to your usual standard of painting.

    1. Thanks, Phil. I don't think these are my best work, but they're still presentable and I'm glad you liked them.