Monday 10 September 2012

The First of the Zombie Vixens!

My Birthday

It was my birthday last Friday and amongst the socks and handkerchiefs, my loving family gave me a box of Wargames Factory's latest product: the zombie vixens.
Technically, I had bought this myself, but when the wife saw them delivered just a day or two before my birthday, she snaffled the box and hid it so that it could be gift-wrapped and handed back to me on my special day.  Mind you, it's a good way of ensuring that I get what I want!

The Box

This isn't going to be an in-depth review of the product; if you're looking for that then I apologise in advance.  Instead, it's just an initial reaction and my first 2 painted examples.

Others have already described Wargames Factory's packaging for this particular product as "lurid".  I completely agree with this assessment and am slightly despondent that they felt this to be an appropriate selling point.  After all, female zombies would make up roughly half of the population, wouldn't they?  I known that I've been wanting more variety in my collection and I imagine that a number of other zombie gamers have also been awaiting this set for the same reasons.  There's no need to try to invoke necrophilia!

The models themselves are definitely on the skinny side (no pun intended).  Most are acceptable as reasonably healthy young women (well, before they became zombies, obviously!), though the one in the evening dress is much too anorexic for my liking.  My main concern here is that the finished figures may prove fragile in use.  So, they're not perfect - but I'll make the models up and use them anyway, won't I!

The Maid

This model is based on the body described elsewhere on the net as the "I need to pee" pose.  For a zombie, odd poses can be accepted, but this one certainly looks a bit strange.  Note that the high heels are incredibly thin; technically this box is much more advanced than Wargames Factory's first efforts.

The Lifeguard

The lifeguard is in the "Superman" pose.  Also a bit strange.  I wondered at first whether this body was intended to be a crawler, but it doesn't really work for that.  Perhaps I'll make the other copies of this pose climb over an obstacle or something like that.


So now I've got another 28 "vixens" to paint - 34 if you include the bonus crawlers.  Just when my painting desk was getting back into some sort of order.  And there's Studio Miniatures' plastic zombies to come soon as well.  Should keep me going for a bit...


  1. Thanks for the "review"! They look pretty "cartoony", at least the maid. Are they all like that?

    1. No, they're not all like that. Most of the others are more reasonable zombie poses, though all are moderately animated! There are even 1 or 2 bodies that could just about be used for (live) humans, if you weren't too fussy.

  2. The poses do look a bit strange, even for zombies.
    I'll no doubt end up getting a set of these too even if I don't really need any more zombies (I certainly don't need any more painting, but I do like the idea of the crawlers.

    Good call on the birthday gift idea btw.

    1. The "bonus" crawlers are interesting, if only because there's not much left of either zombie! The more complete one doesn't have anything below the knee, whilst the other has no legs or hips and is spilling guts. Pretty gross!

      As to the birthday, I learned long ago that the family is frightened of ordering stuff from wargames companies, in case they get the wrong thing. This is so even when I provide complete URLs and descriptions! In fairness, they also want their gifts to be a surprise. Although they have occasionally bought me games stuff, the only reliable way I can get something I want is to buy it myself.

  3. Nice start. Look forward to seeing the rest.

    I know the feeling about hobby presents I have to get them myself to.

    1. Thanks. It'll take a while for me to paint the rest, I think. This is really a distraction from painting other stuff that I've had lying around for much longer!

      At least we can get hobby presents that way!

  4. I like you paint jobs and I must admit to liking this set a lot. I don't know when I'll get round to making and painting mine but they will get done.

    1. I do have mixed feelings about the set. On the one hand, female zombies were very much needed (in the interests of balance). On the other hand, I'd have preferred a better balance of real world body shapes and a variety of ages!

      I'm looking forward to seeing your take on these figures.