Thursday 26 March 2015

I've hinted before that I'm playing a Dreadball league with one of my sons.  Since we're not quite half-way through, I thought that I'd record some of the results so far:

League Standings:

Spring Season
Team Played Landslide Won Lost Buried Points
Pink Ladies 4 1 2 1 0 8
Mean Green Machine 2 0 2 0 0 4
Sky City Slammers 3 0 1 2 0 4
Gutter Gashers 4 0 1 2 1 4
Golden Swarm 3 1 0 1 1 4

Individual Games

Home Away Result (to home team) Notes
Pink Ladies Mean Green Machine
Pink Ladies Sky City Slammers
Pink Ladies (H) Gutter Gashers (A) +1 Ref. blind, several unspotted stomp/sneak fouls, lots of rat fumbles & missed throws
Pink Ladies Golden Swarm
Mean Green Machine (A) Pink Ladies (H) 0 Sudden death, Greens won by knockout (all Pink strikers and jacks disabled)
Mean Green Machine Sky City Slammers
Mean Green Machine Gutter Gashers
Mean Green Machine Golden Swarm
Sky City Slammers (A) Pink Ladies (H) -1 Winning score on last play of the match
Sky City Slammers (H) Mean Green Machine (A) -4 Only 7 players left on pitch at the end
Sky City Slammers (H) Gutter Gashers (A) +1 Slammers: 1 dead, 1 hospitalised in 1st rush
Sky City Slammers Golden Swarm
Gutter Gashers Pink Ladies
Gutter Gashers Mean Green Machine
Gutter Gashers Sky City Slammers
Gutter Gashers (H) Golden Swarm (A) +1 Gashers win after "pinball" pass in last rush - ball fumbled but scattered into the arms of another striker - twice!
Golden Swarm (A) Pink Ladies (H) -7 Landslide in 7th rush
Golden Swarm Mean Green Machine
Golden Swarm Sky City Slammers
Golden Swarm (A) Gutter Gashers (H) +7 One rat killed early on


My son [marked (A) in the matches we've played] has developed a very aggressive style that involves slamming as many of the opposing players as possible, preferably from behind.  Whilst this can give good results and cripple the opposing team, it's difficult to catch [for example] a Veer-myn striker - they're just too good at dodging!  Mind you, I'm really starting to hate the big bug in the Golden Swarm team; I've never managed to either avoid it or strike back effectively at it, despite surrounding it on occasion!

We're both becoming more used to the rules, I think.  There has even been some cunning positional play, such as placing a striker ready to catch the relaunched ball after a strike attempt.  I even scored in my opponent's turn once with this ploy.  Although it levelled the score at the time, I lost the match in the long run.  Oh, well.

Back to pictures of miniatures next time, I think...


  1. I am following this league. I have not worked out all the intracacies yet but with a couple more blog posts I probably will. It seems to be going very well though and as long as you have fun that's all that matters.

    1. Thanks, Clint. It's quite simple really: we have 5 teams, each of which will play the other 4 both at home and away. So that's 20 games, though we'll probably add in a "season final" between the 2 top teams after playing all the round-robin matches.

      A and I just take whichever team we fancy for each match, though he has a preference for the teams that include big, stompy monsters...

  2. I'm rooting for the Pink Ladies. Go girls, go!

    1. Thanks, Bryan. I'm strongly tempted to buy or convert some fan figures and model one of them after you, waving an oversized pink foam glove :-) ! Would that make you a "Ladies man", I wonder?

    2. Oh, you have to do it, Hugh!

  3. Any in game pics (or recreated highlights reel?). It's a game I think that I would have liked but never have anyone to play with so have always given it a miss. Shame really:(

    1. Sorry, no pics as of now. I'll try to take some during the next game we play.

      Some games are better suited to solo play than others. I'd say that Dreadball was 'medium' in this respect: there's no hidden deployment (other than the cards that may be held by either player), but obviously each coach may have planned cunning tactics that they don't want the other player to know about in advance.

  4. "Ref. blind, " LOL can't get away from this. Look forward to seeing some pictures

    1. The "Ref. Blind" is an event card that reduces the chance of a foul being spotted. I believe that both teams took advantage of the situation in that game!

      OK, pictures. I hear you.

  5. The league is coming along nicely with plenty of play left in it. I second the plea for "in-game" photos.

    1. Thanks, Joe. We're about half-way through now, so plenty more games to come. OK, photos...