Wednesday 3 June 2015

The New Alien Overlords


So, it's another mid-week post and I haven't got a lot of time.  What shall I talk about this time?  I did consider writing a list of all the gaming projects I'm pursuing and why they are currently stalled.  This would have included sets of rules and scenarios that I'd like to play but for which I haven't yet found time.  Perhaps I'll write this article some other time?

Instead, here's some Dreadball stuff.  I've got a new team painted as well as the latest standings in my mini-league.

The New Alien Overlords

The "New Alien Overlords" team.  I do like the transparent helmets; they had to be added after varnishing the figures, of course!
Yes, it's a Martian Dreadball team!  As in "Martians from Mars Attacks!".  Since Mantic has the license to produce Mars Attacks! figures, I suppose it's not too surprising that they've released these as well.  Supposedly, the back-story for the Dreadball team is that after a time-warp accident a few Martians are stranded in the future and decide that the best way to bring down humanity is to beat them in an ultra-violent game.  Or something like that...

Martian Guards (specialised blockers)
 Officially, these models are sold as the "Red Planets" team, but I wanted my squad to be somewhat different.  I think I'll call them the "New Alien Overlords" instead!

Martian Strikers (specialised ball handlers).  I'm not too keen on the soft plastic that Mantic uses for these; it doesn't work at all well with this pose.
 It's a well-balanced team with a mixture of the different classes of players, though somewhat hampered by their fragile attribute, poor ball-handling skill and no-better-than-average strength and speed.

Martian Jacks (multi-role players)
 The great leveller for this squad is their use of illegal weapons, though!  Martians will think nothing of coming onto the pitch with a hidden knife or gun and trying to kill an unwitting opponent!

Martian Jacks, showing a mixture of hidden weapons!

League Standings:

The Martians won't be taking part in my Spring League, but it's reaching the climax for the 5 other teams [See here for the early season standings].  Here are the latest results:

Spring Season
Pink Ladies7124011
Mean Green Machine6150013
Sky City Slammers803329
Gutter Gashers702418
Golden Swarm6212110

So, each team plays 8 regular matches (4 home and 4 away) and then the top two teams will play a final against each other.

  • With 2 games yet to play, the Mean Green Machine (Orx & goblins) have a commanding lead, though it's just possible that the Golden Swarm (Bugs) could catch them.
  • There's a mathematical chance for the Pink Ladies (Women) too.  However this looks very unlikely as they've not been playing well recently and they have 1 game less to play.
  • The poor Sky City Slammers (Men) have played all of their matches and are almost certain to finish at the bottom of the rankings.


  1. I do love the look of these models they do look fun. They sounds like they'll be a hoot to play with as well.

    1. Thanks, Simon. Yes, they will reward a somewhat irreverent style of play, I think. Ack, ack ack Ack!

  2. I read about these in my Mars Attacks Compendium but seeing as I don't play Deadball, I decided not to buy them. I like your paint-jobs and I hope you have fun gaming with them.

    1. Thanks, Bryan. Some of the Dreadball teams leave me cold and I don't intend to buy them, but these guys were on my wish list as soon as learned of their existence :-) .