Wednesday 1 June 2016

SDE: Heroes and Pets


Here are some more chibi miniatures that I have painted recently for Super Dungeon Explore.  I know that such figures don't appeal to everyone, but this will probably be the last such post for at least a while; my painting speed has slowed right down.  Partly this is due to the unseasonably hot weather we've had for the last week or so; I really don't feel like spending much of my free time in a small, stuffy work room!

So, on with the show...


To start with, the Thundervale Huntress is a very large model for a hero.  She's a centaur, but has horns as well as a horse's body.  A bit strange, but then there's nothing particularly normal about anything in SDE, so it'll pass.

The game art had the huntress with blank (glowing?) eyes, but I decided that I didn't like that too much.  Instead, I just went for a regular human eye.

Next, we have the Fae Alchemist, an elf who specialises in maniacal chemistry.  She (yes, once again it is a "she") is laden down with various flasks and bottles.  In the game, her various potions range from the slightly experimental to the highly dangerous!  A bit of a loose cannon, if you ask me.

I'm not at all happy with the way that I've painted all of the flasks on this model.  Apart from that, I think that she's my favourite of the heroes presented here.

Finally, Princess Emerald is a steampunk-styled big game hunter.  She's an excellent ranged support character with some abilities that can cripple an opponent, but she won't do so well in melee.

This model is unusual in that she only has one foot touching the base.  I had wondered whether that might prove to be a weak point, but so far there is no sign of drooping or breakage.

I've just noticed that I've got a bit of frosting on the base; the paint must have been ever so slightly damp when I varnished the model.  That's probably because I've been experimenting with acrylic flow medium for my washes; it takes a long time to dry properly.  Bother; I'll need to fix this model up!


Super Dungeon Explore v2 has rules for pets.  Basically, these are creatures that you can rescue; they will then assist your party, though their powers are limited.

Pet cards can be shuffled into the treasure deck; should the party draw one then the pet is theirs!  However, treasure cards are already rare and there are many other items in the deck, so it seems to me that pets won't be found very often, if ever.  Pity...

Anyway, here are the 6 pets that come with the Forgotten King v2 starter set.  I've got a 7th one (the undead rabbit from the Stilt Town Zombies expansion) on the painting table at the moment, but he won't be finished for at least 2 or 3 days:

The Colonel
Admiral Fuzzybottom
Mr. Chompers
Lord Gruff
Miss G. Snorts
Madam Hilde
Well, they were fun to paint, even if I suspect that they'll see little game time.


Next time, something completely different!  I don't know what yet, so if you have any suggestions then I'm listening...


  1. They are such a breath of fresh air, fabulous fun.

    1. Thanks, Michael. I'm enjoying painting these; they are very different from my usual stuff and that is quite refreshing.

  2. A great group of figures, Hugh, and your paintwork has done them proud. I like them all and it is such a joy to see SDE and its range of Chibi figures getting some love and attention.

    1. I thought that you'd approve, Bryan (at least, I sincerely *hoped* that you would :-) ). I've got a few more to paint up, but they'll probably take a bit longer and not appear as frequently as the last 2 or 3 posts.

  3. This may be sad but that Rooster Cogburn (or Colonel as he's called in the game) is my fave SDE mini I've so far seen. I really need to get cracking on these minis at some point and you're wonderful series of postings have really got the Chibi-mojo going Hugh. great brush-work on all and terrific motivational postings to boot!! :-)

    1. Well, I think that I like all the pets, though I'm not totally certain about the pig and the zombie bunny (not shown here). I'm pleased if you're finding these posts motivating; it helps me feel a bit more useful :-) .

  4. Awwww ... they all look sooooooooo cute. Your paint job enhances their cuteness for sure!

    1. They really are cute, aren't they. Well, maybe not the grumpy old goat, but all the rest certainly are...