Sunday 24 October 2021

Zomtober 2021, Week 4

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Another October Sunday, another Zomtober duel - you should understand the format by now, I hope...

Stewie vs Cart Guide Zombie

Today's encounter is between Stewie and "Girl Guide zombie with cart" ("GGZC" hereafter),  On the face of it, Stewie looks like a soldier but in my mind he is an "urban militiaman".  In other words, a self-appointed guardian of truth, justice and apple pie (as long as these concepts don't clash with his own prejudices).

I think that Stewie has come onto the streets, heavily armed, intending to face off against communists, hippies or some other existential threat.  Instead he has come across a rather pathetic, sick little girl - who is dragging a toy cart full of unsold packets of biscuits and a few body parts.

In this situation, Stewie is confused.  He's staring vacantly into the distance (I assume - it's hard to tell when he's wearing dark shades) and trying to work out what is the right thing to do.  Meanwhile, the zombie is inching ever closer to him.

The model for Stewie is one of  the figures from Wargames Foundry's Backstreet Militia pack.  He is mounted on an Escenorama resin base (I've almost finished the large pack of these I bought cheap several years ago).

GGZC is from a range of figures currently sold by Dragon Bait Miniatures (though I'm almost positive that I obtained mine from somewhere else, probably quite a long time ago).  She's fixed on a simple disk base that has then been covered in sand & painted.


I've laid out my thoughts on this encounter above, but somehow it doesn't seem totally convincing.  The zombie is well enough, but what about Stewie?  He's just standing there as if nothing was happening.  Is he all right?  Maybe he's listening to a radio earpiece and has forgotten to look down?  Maybe his shades are so dark that he cannot see properly?  Please, help me out here!

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  1. Stewie will snap out of it, as soon as he gets a whiff of whats emanationg out of that wagon. He will most likely just buttstroke the little horror, root through the cart, "just in case", however I would expect he would stay away from anything green, as that isn't ripe yet....or is it too ripe?

    1. Hmm. If Stewie tries to salvage packets of cookies from the wagon then I think he'll become contaminated himself, wouldn't he? I don't think I'd want food that had been retrieved from a zombie's collection of snacks :-) .

  2. I'm with Terryon this one, GGZC is hampered by the cart (unless she can let go of it) and is probably movingeven slower than the typical slow zed. A rifle butt to the head will end yhis ocntest fairly quickly imo.

    1. As long as Stewie is spurred to action then he should be able to win (or avoid) this encounter quite easily. That does seem to be the prevailing reaction here.

  3. I believe Stewie has set a cunning trap, and is waiting to lure the small Z into that carelessly uncovered manhole.


    As Stewie watched his target approach, tiny hands reached out form the sewer and pinned his legs. Unable to step, he fell, elaising too late that they were already in teh sewers - "Clever Girls ...".

    1. Hmm, it's an interesting thought.

      If the threat was from anything other than zombies then I might support your idea. But the idea of the shambling undead being smart enough to plan and execute an ambush just doesn't work for me :-) !