Sunday 18 October 2020

Zomtober 2020, Week 3

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It's another Sunday in Zomtober!  [If you need help in understanding Zomtober then look up some of my earlier posts; I'm not going to explain it every time].  So, as is my custom, here's a "duel" between a survivor and a zombie.  Your job is to decide "what happens next?"

Bill vs Skateboard Girl

Today's pairing is a bit unusual (even for me), as the zombie has a name ("Bill") and the survivor doesn't.  In the latter case it's because I forgot to give her one; perhaps my readers could suggest a suitable name?

Anyway, for the rest of this article I'll call her "SG".  It's less of a mouthful than "skateboard girl".

So, I think the first question is this: is Bill a zombie at all, or is he a survivor who is posing as a zombie.  He might have reasons to do this, either to move more freely among real zombies or to scare off the less-determined surviving humans.

If it's just a ploy, I think it's a dangerous one.  SG appears to be lost in thought, or possibly is just humming along to whatever music is playing on her portable CD player.  Either way, she's about to be startled when she suddenly notices Bill's presence.  What will she do next?  She's heavily armed and seems strong and healthy (she's quite a big lass).

"Bill" is from Studio Miniatures; he comes from one of their slightly more specialised packs of zombies (as opposed to being one of the "horde").

SG is another model from the Street Violence range, sold by Wargames Foundry.


I'm quite pleased to be finishing some of my older Foundry models this month, after many years of neglect.  It's not much in material terms (the lead pile is still enormous), but mentally it makes me feel like I'm making progress.  Given another century or two I might even run out of unpainted figures, who knows?

So, questions:
  • What name should I give to SG?
  • Is Bill a zombie who looks somewhat like a survivor (healthy skin colour, no sign of wounds or ripped clothing)?  Or is he a survivor who is pretending to be a zombie (shambling walk, moaning)?
  • Will SG notice Bill before he "tags" her?
  • If she does, will her reaction be fight or flight?
  • Or will she do something else altogether, such as freeze in disbelief?  Or ask for an autograph?
Only you can tell...


  1. Another great pair!
    For SG, Avril.
    Bill, survivor posing, but he won’t last long like that!
    I imagine him lurching around a corner and getting a skateboard to the face, at which point SG is surprised because she’s never heard a zombie swear before...

    1. "Avril", huh? Maybe...

      Well, at least with your version they will both live! I suppose that a skateboard-to-the-face is one way to meet other survivors and expand your band :-) .

  2. Nice pairing, I reckon SG looks like she can take care of herself and is probably a 'tomboy' calling herself "Sam" (for Samantha) and is proibably peed off with her friend Bill for playing at being a zombie 9again).
    But what if this time Bill isn;t playing ?

    1. "Sam" is good, though I already have a (male) character model with that name.

      So, you reckon these two know each other already? Maybe. In any case, you're right: the problem with "playing zombie" is how does anyone else tell if you're for real?

  3. Another nice pairing Colgar. Both of the previous posts work for her name, as Avril did the skaterboy song & she does indeed have that tomboy look to her. Assuming she discovers Bill, who may have been a recent companion...he does look like a recently turned corpse, she would likely just skate away. Or perhaps they are roleplaying? The strange things one would find in an apocalypse.

    1. Sounds as if there's a nuance to the name "Avril" that I haven't picked up. Is this a pop star or something like that? I've not heard of the "skaterboy song" before.

      Roleplaying, in the middle of an apocalypse? Strange indeed...

      One thing is clear to me: this pairing have caused more puzzlement and a wider variety of interpretations than usual for my "duels"...

    2. She sure is Colgar,
      One of our Canadian Pop stars from a few years back