Monday 11 June 2012

ATZ Event Cards: updated style

A Quick Design Experiment

I've been inspired by some recent discussion of my earlier post [here] both on this blog and on the Two Hour Wargames Yahoo group [here].  Almost simultaneously, there has also been another thread on the THW group, on tools to produce cards [here].

As a result of these I've been inspired to spend a few minutes playing with godeckyourself.  It looks as if this site may have been abandoned (I couldn't see any update beyond mid-2009), but it still seems to work correctly.  Here's the result for one of my ATZ event cards, redesigned:
It's exactly the same data on the card, but it looks much better to me.  Mind you, I'm not too happy about the very small font for the body text - I couldn't figure out any way to alter this.  Perhaps I should use this site only for inspiration (it has many different card style templates) and generate my own document?

Maybe a PowerPoint template document would be best; the background and borders could be fixed for each card and there would be "Click Here..." placeholders for the text and image fields.  So many decisions, so much work to do!

Update: the finished deck of ATZ event cards is described here.



  1. The card does look good, shame about the font sizing though.

    Other ideas:
    Cats Choir, creating noise in some back-alley ofr everal turns.
    Low flying military aircafte creating a sonic boom, twice as effective in distance and noise attraction.
    Drunken survivor(s), knocking over dustbins.
    More drunken survivor (s) with guns shooting randomly for a celebration (or other random reason)
    A "religous" group searching for the nearest zombie group so they can be"resurrected". - They will of course be singing and have tamborines etc.

    On a different note, for the reverse side of your cards use a plain coloured paper when laminating and before cutting out.

    1. Yes, if the font was just a bit bigger then I think I'd just go with this design and save myself a whole lot of effort :-) .

      That's a good set of ideas! I'd like to split them into "events" and "encounters", if I may.

      You've already seen my article on event cards (and this follow-up, of course), but I also have a deck for "encounters". This latter tries to encode the tables for assigning enemies and resolving PEFs in both Haven and I, Zombie. It's still work-in-progress, but I'm sure I'll share it in due course.